Version History

Version Release Date Database Version Update Details
2021.11.2.111/2/202151Bug Fix: Fixed a few minor bugs.
Bug Fix: Fixed issue with Customize Header not saving.
Other: Added subscription license types. 
Bug Fix: Fixed issue with Customize Header buttons not visible.
Bug Fix: Fixed issue with perforation comments. 
Bug Fix: Fixed depth decimal issue on the diagram comments for perforations.
Update: Decimal precision chosen in the Options dialog is now shown on the reports and diagram comments.
Bug Fix:  Sort order on PDF reports now matches that of the sorting of the input grid views. 
New Feature: Added options for CalGEM Simple report to the Diagram Options tab of the options dialog
New Feature: Added the Vertical Comment Padding to the Diagram Comment Options tab of the options dialog
New Feature: Added the CalGEM Simple report
Bug Fix: A few minor fixes
Bug Fix: Fixed issue where ribbon couldn't be shown after minimizing.
New Feature: Added Description field to the Cement Plugs table.
New Feature: Added Cement Plug color to report table output.
New Feature: Changed footage call inputs in the header section to allow for additional customization. Can now input directions as absolute N, S, E, or W in addition to FNL, FSL, FEL, FWL.
Other: Set a maximum resizing width for auto resizing of csv imported columns.
Other: Synchronized the Header customization form visibility with the Customize Dialog.
Bug Fix: Fixed error that would occur if double clicking white space in the list boxes on the Comment Builder form.
Bug Fix: Fixed issue where scroll bar was not properly synchronized to the grid view on the import form. 
2020.5.25.15/25/202050Bug Fix: Fixed issue when re-adding rows to details after a detail row has been deleted. 
2020.5.11.15/11/202050Bug Fix: Fixed issue when re-adding a perforation row and ToolOD error is displayed. 
New Feature: Word wrapping added to the vertical diagram.
New Feature: Added ability to paste directional survey data directly into the survey grid.
New Feature: Added a “Best Fit All” button to the toolbar and this will automatically best fit all the grid columns for the well.
New Feature: Added a “Diagram Comment Appearance” tab to the options dialog. This allows you to specify font, border, and fill color for the comments.
Enhancement: Converted the toolbar to a ribbon toolbar.
Enhancement: Made the logo size bigger on the reports.
Several bug fixes and minor improvements.
2020.1.20.11/20/202049Bug Fix: PDF reports generated using PDF button now sort the same as the grid sort order.
2020.1.6.11/6/202049Misc: Updated so perf interval row would apply even if you don't move to a new perf interval row. 
Bug Fix: Fixed issue where at times the comment wasn't drawn on the diagrams for wells that were created before this feature was added.
Misc: Removed the Parameter pane from the reports. 
2019.10.10.110/10/201949Bug Fix: Fixed error that would occur when deleting a Tubular, Tool, or Perforation row.
Bug Fix: Fixed issue where vertical diagram wasn't updating immediately for Tubular, Tools, and Perforation updates.
New Feature: Added column sort synchronization between the input grid tables and the report grids.  Now, the sorting on the input grids will be applied to the reports.
Bug Fix: Comment and Comment Depth values will be updated immediately after the Comment Expression and Comment Depth Expression values are changed manually.
Bug Fix: File Links buttons will now work with a single click instead of a double click. 
Bug Fix: Fixed issue that occurs when in the comment builder and the Auto buttons are pressed but the cursor location in one of the expression boxes is not at the beginning 
Bug Fix: Fixed  issue when grouping items in the search dialog and then trying to use navigation buttons within the main form
Minor fixes 
Bug Fix:  Fixed issue where save dialog was shown when not needed.
Bug Fix:  Fixed issue where diagram wasn't redrawing after a new row was added.
Bug Fix:  Fixed issue with arrow navigation.
Other:  Updated the default color for the Cement Plugs.
2019.5.6.15/6/2019 49 
New Feature: Added a depth expression used to automate the depth at which comments appear on the diagrams.
New Feature:  Added undo Scaling to horizontal and vertical diagrams.
Bug Fix: Fixed a few known issues. 
2018.10.29.110/29/201848Bug Fix: Fixed issue where Diagram Comment Location wasn't getting imported from a CSV
Bug Fix: Fixed issue where Diagram Comments tab Comments and the Well History tab Comments columns were disabled
Bug Fix:  Made it so the Memo, Diagram Comments, and Description columns in the detail tabs are centered vertically if the row size is increased
New Feature: Comment Builder added to add flexibility and efficiency to adding comments to the diagrams.  Visit for more details on this feature.
New Feature: Add "Stage" column to perforation tab.  The stage field replaces the Comment field as one of the unique identifiers for a perforation row.
New Feature: Add "Memo" column to detail grids.  This field replaces the old "Comment" field.   
Bug Fix: Format Perforation Top value to include a comma on the reports.  
2018.3.7.13/7/201847Bug Fix: Resolved issue where "Footage From" value was not being displayed on the Horizontal Report.
2018.1.31.11/31/201847Bug Fix: Resolved report printing issue that was introduced with version 2018.01.18.1
New Feature: Added MD(TVD) legend to vertical diagram.
Other:  Formatted perforation comment depths to include commas.
Bug Fix:  Corrected TOC / BOC calculations if the volume units are something other than cuft.





Bug Fix: Fixed PerfOD export to Excel issue.





New Feature: Added "To WBD Location" feature.

New Feature: Added Options button to toolbar.

Other: Changed the drawing order so that perfs are drawn after tools.

Other: Renamed the "Hole OD" to "Hole Size" for clarification.

Other: Renamed the "Perf OD" to "Csg OD" for clarification.




New Feature: Added Sand Fill, Other Plug, Radioactive, Cement Tag, Casing Hole, Casing Damage to the tools list.

New Feature: Added a color input column for the Cement Plugs.

Other: Database update wizard now only requires that the SQL Server Login has DB_Owner permissions.




New Feature: Added Rod Part, Tubing Leak, and Fish to the tools list.

New Feature: Added Guided Rods to the tubular type list.

Bug Fix: Fixed color "C" on the Casing Cement report section. Made is so the color would show up as the default dark gray unless another color was specified.

Bug Fix: Fixed the sort order of the perforation on the detailed section of the reports.

Other: Removed the input warning message that would occur if you input a formation top TVD that was greater than the deepest TVD in the directional survey tab.




New Feature: Modified design of PerfType, TubularType, and ToolType tables to more easily allow for the addition of new items.

New Feature: Added "Washout Factor" to "Other Options." This is used to apply a washout when using the calculation TOC/BOC on the Casing Cement tab.

Other: Added a warning dialog when pressing the "Use Last Survey Point" on the directional survey tab.




Bug Fix: Fixed the way "Junk" was drawn on horizontal diagrams.

Bug Fix: Fixed issue where surveys were recalculated after import, even if they imported all of the necessary data.

Bug Fix: Fixed issue when importing data from a CSV when there are multiple header rows.




New Feature: Added the Diagram w/ Abbreviated Details report.

New Feature: Added backcolor to the report headings.

New Feature: Increase font size on Chrono Report.

New Feature: Added the following tools: Casing Adapter, Collapsed Casing, Drillable Bridge Plug, Crossover, Casing Patch, Landing Collar, Pressure Disc, Frac Sleeve (open/closed), PC Pump.

New Feature: Made the following tools transparent: Fill, Junk, Whipstocks.

New Feature: Made the bottom of the whipstock tool draw at the specified top.

Bug Fix: Fixed error when trying to perform advanced searches.

Bug Fix: Fixed issue when deleting a well the child table data was not deleted.




New Feature: Added Perf Closed Date to Detailed Report.

Bug Fix: Fixed duplication issue where Casing Cement Description field wasn't getting duplicated.

Bug Fix: Fixed batch exporting PDF feature so that if the Well Name has an illegal character it is replaced with a dash.




New Feature: Added auto save (and load) grid settings.

New Feature: Added drop down box batch editor that can be used to edit values in the auto-populated drop down boxes (Field, Lease, Operator, etc.).

New Feature: Added ability to add a small custom logo to the reports.

New Feature: Mud now draws transparent.

New Feature: Added option to choose another license type if the ticket file isn't found.

Bug Fix: Fixed issue where comments were hidden on form, but not hidden on the report.

Bug Fix: Fixed issue where Cmt Yield was giving a red X error.

Bug Fix: Fixed issue where Export Dialog Select Updated in the Last X Days button wasn't working properly.




New Feature: Added the following tools: Cavity Shot, Cut & Pull, Steel Plate, and Wood Plug.

Bug Fix: Fixed save issue with the "Other" fields.




New Feature: Added the " @ Depth" to the Formation Top comment.

New Feature: Added feature to allow a "Display Name" to be specified for display in Prepared By and Updated By fields.

Bug Fix: Fixed Diagram Only report font sizes weren't being applied to the report.

Bug Fix: Fixed batch PDF printing issue.

Bug Fix: Fixed issue where license was released if the Auto Add new user feature was turned off.




Bug Fix: Added Coupling to the Tubular section of the detailed report.




Bug Fix: Fixed bug where you weren't able to manually type in survey data.




Bug Fix: Fixed bug where error occurred when using the blue arrows to navigate between wells.

Bug Fix: Fixed bug that allowed the user to duplicate a well immediatly after it was created and before the required inputs had been provided.




New Feature: Added a feature that allows you to apply the filter/sort from the search dialog to the list of wells on the main form.

Bug Fix: Fixed bug where Generate Surveys would throw an error if the TargetN or TargetE was null.




Bug Fix: Fixed bug where minimum perforation height was being incorrectly scaled up on the horizontal diagram.




Bug Fix: Fixed bug where decimal places for depth on Tools/Problems tab wasn't linked to the decimal place settings on the settings.




Bug Fix: Fix the horizontal diagram drawing to remove errant zig-zags with some survey data.

Bug Fix: Fixed issue when importing from WSD file the Preparedby and UpdatedBy fields weren't being updated correctly.

Bug Fix: Fixed issue where formation tops weren't drawn on vertical diagrams.




New Feature: Added ability to import/input all survey data.

New Feature: Added letter (8.5" x 11") report options.

New Feature: Added a Chronological report to show the Well History information in chronological order.

New Feature: Added a Daily Cost field to the Well History inputs.

New Feature: Changed the way the login works. Now Well Shadow uses windows login and will automatically add users if they don't already exists. With this new login method IT administrators have more control how users get added and can specify if users are read-only or read-write.

New Feature: Added a show/hide comments button to vertical and horizontal diagrams.

New Feature: Added an auto zoom button at top of vertical diagram.

New Feature: Added click and drag zoom to the vertical diagram.

Bug Fix: Fix WBD issue where it doesn't fill the entire drawing area with some display zoom settings.

Bug Fix: Fixed issue where you couldn't input "Shots" with text. Took the "Shots" summary out of the report.




New Feature: Well Shadow now Windows 10 compatible.




New Feature: Added "Change License Type" to licensing dialog in case a licensing error is encountered. Also added a way to change the license type from within Well Shadow (Help->Change License Type).

New Feature: Added the USB Dongle license type.




Bug Fix: Fix for long saves. Changed the way data is saved back to the database.

Bug Fix: Fixed issue where File Links would still print to PDF even if they weren't supposed to.




New Feature: Added "Append Surveys" option to detailed report.

Bug Fix: Fixed bug where conversions weren't applied to the Survey Report.

Bug Fix: Fixed import WSD bug when deleting surveys.




New Feature: Added 1:1 ratio button to horizontal diagram.

New Feature: Added Survey Report.

Other: Updated data connection dialog to newer version.

Bug Fix: Fixed code that is used to check for update.




Bug Fix: Fixed issue where tools were not showing up on the reports.




Bug Fix: Fixed issue that was causing horizontal scaling row to no longer get added correctly.




New Feature: Added "Clear Connection String" option to the connection dialog.

Other: No longer check registry for connection string information.




New Feature: Eliminate login password

New Feature: Add Hide/Show Detail tab option

New Feature: Add set decimal places option

New Feature: Add 4 “Other” field to header

New Feature: Add “Color” input for casing cement

New Feature: Updated the help file

New Feature: Added new version notification

Bug Fix: Added validation for non-numeric inputs when calculating cement top, bottom, and perf shots.

Bug Fix: Fixed inconsistencies in multiline and grow options in reports.

Bug Fix: Disabled the User Visible options for the Name1, Name2, Name2, and SerialNo fields because they are required.

Bug Fix: Changed how the WSD file import version is checked.

Bug Fix: Fixed bug caused by Print Out in Well History tab when trying to duplicate or print a well.




Bug Fix: Fixed the Last Updated date update issue

Other: Changed the Serial No. input mask back so that it only saves the numbers and not the literal characters.




Bug Fix: Fixed the Survey and Well History tabs so that they will show the bottom rows