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Wellbore Diagram Software - About Us

PetroCode, LLC was founded in 2010 for one reason- to create a wellbore diagram software package that would be a better alternative to Microsoft Excel.

The initial development of Well Shadow lasted a year and half, but we did not stop there. PetroCode, LLC continues to develop new features and improve upon on existing features. Our development process is on-going and recorded to ensure users are receiving a current and efficient wellbore diagram software application. Visit our Version History page to learn more about recent updates.

Well Shadow users range from small companies to large corporations in various geographical locations, stretching from the west coast to the east coast and throughout Canada. Our goal is to accommodate for all of your wellbore data input requirements and provide you with wellbore diagrams that are easy to use, easy to access and effectively organized.

Jeff Frederick - President of PetroCode LLC and Founder of Well Shadow

In 2000, I graduated from the University of Tulsa with a petroleum engineering degree. After graduation I worked for several exploration and production companies within the oil and gas industry, ranging from small independent companies to large $40 billion independent corporations. Regardless of the size or worth, each of these companies shared the common use of Microsoft Excel to generate their wellbore diagrams. After ten years in the business I discovered the need for a more efficient and streamlined software application to generate wellbore diagrams, so I founded PetroCode, LLC and created our wellbore diagram software application called Well Shadow.


“Well Shadow has provided a huge benefit to our small company. Prior to Well Shadow our wellbore schematics were either custom made by each engineer, printed and then filed, or hand drawn and filed. The problem was lack of consistency. You could go to the engineering file and find a schematic to update. In order to update it you would almost always have to start from scratch to construct the schematic. Well Shadow keeps all schematics in a central database, and because all of the schematics are located in one place, updating them becomes much easier. Well Shadow has also enabled our field personnel to build their own schematics which the entire organization can share. The actual printed schematic is better than the hand drawn ones since it contains more details in the table portion of the schematic. Well Shadow has made our whole engineering and field departments more efficient. We are very pleased with Well Shadow and would highly recommend this program to any operating company.”
-Brian Keefer P.E.
Marjo Operating Co., Inc.

“Well Shadow has increased productivity creating WBS and End of Well Reports. The software is much easier to use and produces a cleaner product than the typical Excel type WBS. Our clients like how professional the end product looks. The team at Petrocode has been very accommodating when we put in a request for an addition or modification to be made to the software.”
-Steven W. R. Morris P.E.
Vice President/ COO